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Psy-Trance Visuals / Infected Mushroom

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Hey guys, finally got registered, thanks for having me, Im Bru, 33, from the UK


In my space time I like to get trippy occasionally but I dont get as much time for that as I used to, In the last few months I have started video editing adding visuals to psy-trance tracks (mostly Infected Mushroom) , Below is a couple of examples of what I do


https://youtu.be/lHd9edoYHbw "Infected Mushroom - Demons of Pain" Visuals include trippy scenes from Rick + Morty, Family Guy, American Dad and the Simpsons


https://youtu.be/0tj7eN30XZk "Infected Mushroom - Trance Party" - With nice HD visuals of northern lights and other


https://youtu.be/UUYk3R-5c0E "Astrix - Sahara" - With Animated trippy visuals including a tribute to Albert Hoffman's famous bicycle ride



Theres a playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLizPymULIurv5IlvqhJAd4RzjGDfuOvZG with all my videos in, and you can find my channel at http://www.youtube.com/GetafixVisuals if you wanna subscribe or whatever that would be great :) try do at least one new video a week 


Hope you enjoy guys, have a great Friday/weekend 


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