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Zero Divided by Zero (experimental/psychedelic/ambient/chill)

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So I had this old unfinished track that I made in collaboration with a friend who left our mutual project and gave me free hands to use the material we had worked on together however I saw fit, so yesterday I dug this track up, remixed it completely and recorded a vocal part for it.

Turned out quite nice in my own opinion.

Today I even made a video for it and put it up on YouTube (for now YouTube is the only place where it is up).

I might use it for a future release with my drone/ambient/noise project where I am already using two of the tracks I did together with said friend (unsure at this point though).

Here the video is:



And the lyrics for the track:

Zero Divided by Zero

Will ignore everyone and everything my self included
as I have reached an elevated state of non-being
as such become one with the omnipresent void behind and beyond all creation
and come undone in the spiraling all seeing eye
which center reflects the absolute singularity of matter, mind and spirit
unified inseparably in the polychrome polygon's infinite angles
that square the circle of existence
and touch the untold truth within the unseen view of none
repeated indefinitely as zero divided by zero
The lie that is not, hence isn't a lie at all
yet nothingness is as never has been:


A door that leads from any room into the collapsed entity of every room.

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