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New ambient/slowcore single, In Dreams, with my drone/ambient/noise project

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This is the most recent track I created:



Edit!!!:  As you can tell from the player, that actually still functions, I changed this project's name from sharing my own real name to Fjernsind, which means that the original link I shared in this post to my Bandcamp profile doesn't work anymore, so here's a new one: https://fjernsind.bandcamp.com/


The name "Fjernsind" is a word play on the Danish word for "Tele-vision", "Fjern-syn", that directly translated means "Distant-vision" or "Remote-vision", and instead of "syn" ["vision"] as the last syllable, the Danish word for "mind", namely "sind", is used.


As you'll also noticed the single turned into a 2 track EP, feuturing one of my older tracks "A Lullaby" as well.



This track was created from pieceing manipulated samples from an old song titled "A Dream" with my lo-fi folk project "...and for such a long time" together (I also turned it into a 2 track EP in the meantime, using an older track called A Lullaby to follow it).




In Dreams


I know a place where the wind is whispering songs
humming through the meadow

as a pattern on our closed lips

I know a place where the skies are painting pictures
coloring thoughts as the willows weep a sad song
as a pattern on our closed eyes

I know a place where I used to hide my deepest secret thoughts

In dreams

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