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Are there any good festivals happening in Europe in/around August?

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I'm heading to France from Australia, and hoping to see what European festivals are like :) I'll be staying around a month, and so ideally I would like to visit a couple of festivals around Europe. 


Can anyone suggest anything? Obviously I'd prefer festivals that also have chilled sets on their programme.



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Dude, check this out http://www.mushroom-magazine.com/festival-map/

Maybe that helps :) I can recommend Ozora because it's big, very easy to go and well organized. I've been there last three years and loved it every time.

Also heard only good things about Psy-Fi festival... I wasn't there last year but my friends went and they loved it.

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Hi !


following festivals are recommended by me and my friends, 

i was choocing them carefully to decide myself where to go :)


Ambiosonic (20 june) ambien only , no psytrance - i will be here
july - Samsara hungary (shall be awesome) ambient / chill on mainstage, psytrance on second stage
july - Magikana in Wales (small great vibe, strong lineup, family friendly) postponed to 2016
july - Ozora (getting crowded, but stellar lienups)
S.u.n.  (more alternative and roots, enjoyed it a lot last year)
Modem (cill is more an alternative stage, many artist will play heavy bass stuff, if you are a fan of Shanti Planti sound is s place to go)

beg august - Future Nature (near the sea, good feedbacks) - i will be here
end august - Psy-FI is great  (location is stunning enjoyed it a lot last year) - i will be here

the problem with Mushroom mag is that you have to pay be on the map, so not all festival will pay for this.
we will publish a list of 50+ festivals for this summer at psybient.org.



have a look at festival reports => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/forum/36-reports-event-and-festival/

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