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Piggy's Wink (experimental electronic/downtempo/chillout)

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I actually made this track years ago, but just decided to re-master it and make it a part of my drone/ambient/noise project in my own name Jacob Læby.


It consist of a couple of layers of improvised acoustic guitar played on top of a programmed beat and a couple of programmed synths.


In some regards it's rather lo-fi and quirky, but in my own opinion that is part of it's charm and just adds to the overall mood of the track.


It can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp: https://fjernsind.bandcamp.com/album/piggys-wink



I also made the artwork for the track myself:



Edit!!!:  As you can tell from the player, that actually still functions, I changed this project's name from sharing my own real name to Fjernsind, which means that the original link I shared in this post to my Bandcamp profile doesn't work anymore, so here's a new one: https://fjernsind.bandcamp.com/


The name "Fjernsind" is a word play on the Danish word for "Tele-vision", "Fjern-syn", that directly translated means "Distant-vision" or "Remote-vision", and instead of "syn" ["vision"] as the last syllable, the Danish word for "mind", namely "sind", is used.

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