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DJ gogi at Shwaya Sound System TLV 30/11/18 (Psydub)

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00:00 Clozee - Sankar’s Lake (Igama Remix) [Gravitas Recordings]
5:00 TRD - Banook [Mystic Sound Records]
10:45 Obsqure - Rabbath [Cosmicleaf Records]
14:45 Psychoz - Time Shift (Bansara Remix) [Mindspring Music]
15:15 Lo.Renzo - Middle East Honey [Visionary Shamanics]
17:45 Deep Fried Dub - Condensor [Dubmission Records]
23:00 Scion & Blip Trip - Blippytrips [sOON on Visionary Shamanics]
28:15 Thorazin - Stream Enterer [Triple Drop Productions]
33:45 Cydelix - Cinnamon Insence [Cosmicleaf Records]
42:15 Globular - An Upwards Curve In The Horizon (Androcell Remix)
48:15 Symbolico - Human Beans [Merkaba Music]
52:00 Key-G - Quantum Strikes [Desert Trax]

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