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VA - Per Aspera Ad Astra (2019) [Visionary Shamanics Records] (psychill, psydub, psybient, downtempo, ethnic)

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Visionary Shamanics is happy to present another epic psychedelically downtempo dubtastic shamanic psybass tribal multicultural ethnic trip. 

Emerging from depths and rising from caverns 

Step onto sandy ground 

Dream of the cosmos, and imagine 

The beautiful nature of sound 

Above, every star is a lantern 

Guiding your body and freeing your mind 

Gather your strength and forces within 

Per Aspera Ad Astra 

Join us on a lush filled trip of psychedelic landscapes 

Pushing the boundaries of your imagination. 




Desire can torment the spirit 

You keep asking yourself why 

Fantasies take their toll 

But you know they’ll never die 


Fighting is not easy 

Persistent for my mission 

Dreams married to misery 

If only they knew my vision 


My soul bleeds 

The target clearly drawn 

My essence may be broken 

But my ambitions live strong 


Surviving on blind faith 

And I’m starving for more 

My aspirations will not go to waste 

This is what I’ve prepared for 


Per aspera ad astra… and beyond

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