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Rare, Sold Out and Out-Of Print releases that I am searching for

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Xoon - Nightfall



M-Sphere - Tread In


Edit: I now have this release.


Tomonari Nozaki - Monochrome



World Standard - Journal Standard


Edit: I forgot to include this one before.


Angelo Harmsworth - For Argand



Norken - SA001



The first four are on CD, but very rare.  I am seeking either the CD or the files.  The fifth is on cassette and the sixth is on vinyl.  I am seeking the files for those, as I lack a turntable or a cassette player.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


BTW: I recently was able to finally buy a CD of this rare gem:


Masaya Kato - Coagulation



I am anxiously awaiting its arrival in the mail.

Edit: it has arrived.


What other rare, sold out and out of print releases are others here searching for, and which ones have they found?  Let me know; I might want them too...;~)


If this topic takes off I'll list more rarities that I've been lucky enough to find.

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don't have any of those :)


you might want to edit your post, and write the name above the link. this way it will be "indexed" by forum, so when some one search for them they can find it.

and it will be more convenient for people to know what you are looking for without clicking the link.



i send you a pm.

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