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04/10/19: Illuminacja 6 - KoxBox 30 Year Anniversary Tour (Gdansk, Poland)

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Illuminacja 6 - KoxBox 30 Year Anniversary Tour

Date: Friday October 4th '19

Time: 21:00 - 06:00

Venue: Bunkier, Olejarna 3, 80-843 Gdansk, Poland

Tickets: 45 zl - 55 zl

KOXBOX (Zer01 Dania) 30 Year Anniversary set!
EarthAlien (Psylicious, UK)
Elf (SCC)
Meff (Egodrop / Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival)
Remo Klein (Be psychedelic)

Acid Orange Crew
Sterling Moss (Rebeltek / Stay Up Forever Collective UK)
Dusha (Absurd Squad / Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival)
Pako (Acid Orange Crew / PAKO AOC)
R-miX (Acid Orange Crew)
Robo (Acid Orange Crew)

Asphodel (Moon Unity)
Daclee (Be psychedelic)
Korn L (Be psychedelic)
Kuczer (Shiva Space Technology)
Kudlaty (Be psychedelic)
Muzyczny Krawiec

2Deko (Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival)
Swierszcz (Dance For Life)
Przemek Kryszk Architipi (Be psychedelic)
Baba Yaga's Masks (Be psychedelic)
Psyday art (Be psychedelic)

Party Info: Click Here - Be Psychedelic



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