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Your Top Psybient Tracks Of All Time...

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What are your greatest Psybient tracks of all time? Love to see what your guys could share. Its such a diverse, old and rewarding genre and I am constantly finding new gems, but forums like this often have the die-hards with the true eclectic and passion driven taste. I rate some of my top Psybient tracks as some of the best in all of my loved music genres and collection. A lot of musical masterpieces out there...sharing is caring!

Here's some of mine . At home I have a top 50 list made, but as I am travelling i'm gonna have to go by some by memory... In no particular order;


1. Shulman - Transmission In Bloom
2. Jaia - After The Rain

3. Vibrasphere - Tierra Azul

4. Shulman - Retroscape

5. Ott - Aubergine Sun

6. Fredrick Ohr - Eating Fog

7. Man With No Name - Azymuth

8 Bluetech - The Light

9. Shulman - Staying At The Abyss

10. Solar Fields - Air Song

11. Abakus - Whole New Way of Looking At The Day

12. Nuclear Ramjet - Missing Moon

13 Kuba - Let Go

14. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Frog

15. Androcell - Vital Signs

16. Vibrasphere - Enseuno

16. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper

17. Kilowatts - Mother of a Thousand

18. Nuclear Ramjet - Near Earth Object

19. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams

20. Children of the bong - Life on Planet Earth



Hope you discover some new greats from this.

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Impossible task. I really can't begin to think about it. It was hard enough when we did the albums list, and my tastes weren't even as varied as they are today.


But I like most of the tunes you mentioned.  :) Special shout out to the MWNN and COTB tracks. :wub:

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Impossible task. I really can't begin to think about it


Surely there must be tracks you rate with an incredible high regard? Ones that you always return too, ones that have a significant sentimental or nostalgic value, ones that you think have achieved something close to musical perfection? You don't need to rate them in order or anything, just share some of the ones that really touched the soul  ;)

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OK, here comes an attempt:


Shpongle - Vapour Rumours

Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity

Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa

Crystal Vibe - Shift of the Ages

Children of the Bong - The Veil...

Eat Static - Forgotten Rites

Bluetech - Prayers for Rain (Dub Mix)

E-Mantra - Gesthemane

Doof - Try

Hallucinogen in Dub - Angelic Particles

Ott - Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack

Afro Celt Sound System - Riding the Waves

Younger Brother - Happy Pills

Celtic Cross - Swazz

Ozric Tentacles - Crackerblocks (if I had to chose only one)

Androcell - Desert Nomad

Timeshard - Cosmic Carrot (Peel Sessions version)

Asura - The Savers


That'll do. Tomorrow it could be different.

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Here is MY top 40:

-Tikal-La bonne etoile


-Side liner-Screaming tears

-Asura-Land and Freedom

-Astral projection-Still dreaming

-Huva network-Rain geometries


-Psyfactor-Molecular design

-Lange-Frozen beach

-Jaïa - Le Chant Des Sirenes


-Three drives-Greece 2000

-Aes dana-natti natti

-Ten madison-future city

-Side liner-Morning dewdrops

-Gmo vs Dense-Passing storm


-Gmo vs Dense-Bouncing around

-Mystic crock-Tempting Abyss

-Man of no ego-Celestial Medicine

-Liquid space-Copy dreams lauter

-Cj Catalizer vs Zymosis-I'll be there

-Lab's Cloud-Raining over the sun

-Cj Catalizer -2012

-Ott-Rogue Bagell

-Drum druid-last summer dub

-Cell-The gate

-Siebzehn-Under the radar

-Psyfactor-Walk on the milky way

-Psyfactor-Galileo space mission


-Cell-Explicit rotative movement


-Ancient Core-Psychedelic echosystem


-Abakus-That much closer


-Khetzal-Glaciales Lacrima

-David Battenfield-Sonic chazal

-Entheogenic - Pagan Dream Machine

-The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea



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It's really complicated question :) 

Sorry for long list then:

Vibrasphere - Late Winter Storms
Solar Fields - Insum (remix)
H.U.V.A Network - Rain Geometries (Solar Fields remix)
AuroraX - Moongone (Violin by Videlin)
Neuroq - Petrichor
Suduaya - Astral Lullaby
Cell - Intimate Removals (live edit)
Minddigger - Universe
Fluxsense - Mental free
Atmoflow - Realscape
Neuroq - Gayatri Mantra
Elea - Naya Lullaby (Aurorax Remix)
Elea - Heaven (Suduaya Remix)
Fluxsense - Dharma
Jedidiah - Oasis Dreams
Kyoto - Vortex
Suduaya - Above the Clouds of Qadisha Valley
Takkra - Chasing Dragons
Takkra - Sound is God
Aurorax - Project Voyager
Asura - Dust and Daffoldis
Dhamika - Indukala
Astropilot - Betelgeuse
Suduaya - All Is Full of Light
Suduaya - Empty Your Mind (feat. Amin)
Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Refleksioner
Max Million - Skying
Astronaut Ape - Universalis (Suduaya remix)
Chronos - Planetarium (Aquarius Edit)
Zero Cult - No Words
Solar Fields - Lifebook (Origin 2003)
Solar Fields - The Road to Nothingness
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Polyritmi

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