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Delightful Imperfections

Delightful Imperfections - Beautiful You [2020] (Psybient)

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Evening all,

Super excited to have a new immersive sound journey to share with you all. Volume 15 of my Dreamtime Diaries series, these beautiful, nourishing, psybient sounds will melt away tensions, leaving you all refreshed & relaxed (hopefully, hehe!)


This is truly my favourite kind of chill :) Sending massive waved of appreciation to all the artists for their lovely sounds

1. Ancestral Elephants - Indigena (ALUNA Revision)

2. Zen Baboon - Full Belly

3. Vena Portae - Coral

4. Man Of No Ego & Logical Elements - It's All In The Mind 

5. Nada - Earthgarden 

6. Sacred Seeds - Silent Light

7. Logical Elements - When Soul (Morning mix)

8. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Path of Least Resistance

9. Saranankara - Cosmic Signals

10. Ancestral Elephants - Deeply Moving

11. Indigolab (ft. Albie Leigh) - Outlander (Shipwrecked Dub)

12. Atmoflow - 50005 Steps

13. Bluetech - The End is in The Beginning, The Beginning is in The End

14. Beatfarmer - Lunar Alignment

15. Dear Gravity - Syncope

16. Yaima - Gajumaru

17. Astropilot - Exotic Travel (Organic mix)


Happy listening   

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