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Sygnals - Enter Light (2014) [Sonic Loom]

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Artist: Sygnals
Album: Enter Light
Type: album
Style tags: Psybient
Media type: CD/WEB
Year: 2014
Label: Sonic Loom
Catalog ID: SLM006
  • 01. Hypnotic States
  • 02. Sparks Of Light
  • 03. Futura Memoria
  • 04. Engenes
  • 05. Link No
  • 06. Elxis
  • 07. Archeafructus
  • 08. Reversing Normality
  • 09. Through Silence


Entering our primal Source… 
At once obvious and mysterious… 

The matter of All… As a ray… As a wave… 
You can catch a glimpse but not the whole stream… 

Welcome to the brightest dimension ! 

Enter Light ! 

Sonic Loom proudly presents Sygnals 's  first full album. 
An unforgettable journey through multiple acoustical layers. 

A downtempo pulse that exceeds its own boundaries. 
A farrago of musical tendencies, overflowing endless possibilities… 

As complex as simple… 
Once you enter magic appears !


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I think this might be one of the best albums ever made... This truly brought the happiness and joy of psytrance (even this album is not categorized as psytrance though) back to me since I had lost it for a while. It reminds me why I started to listening to psy music in first place almost two decades ago. Thank you for making this.

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