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Chronos - Helios II (2020) [Altar Records] (ambient, psychill)

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1. Land Aqua Mass 06:49    
2. Lift Off 06:46    
3. Chronos & Diakov - Diacronity (Album Version) 07:00    
4. Houston We Have A Problem 06:42    
5. Meridianus 06:33    
6. 8248 Gurzuf 07:00    
7. Chronos & Ephilion - Solaris 07:20    
8. Ai Petri Majesty 06:50    
9. Micro Music 07:25    
10. Sacred Paintings 07:24    
11. A Place of Quiet 06:10    
12. Sacred Books 07:16    

All links ► bnd.lc/heliosII

A masterpiece wanting to be a dedication of love to his recently deceased lovely mother Natalia Klimenko, Chronos aka Nick Klimenko is back after a long absence on Altar.

An album of great sonic purity which offers to the listener to enter in a deep relaxation state and tells a unique story of its kind.
If you liked his first opus "Helios" ( chronosmusic.bandcamp.com/album/helios ) seven years ago, you will fall in love with this suite of great beauty and maturity, never equaled before.

Nick has traveled again to the magical places of Crimea and for the third time was so inspired that he immediately wrote a new chillout album.
All of these named album tracks are connected with one special place in South Crimea and was made after visiting all twelve of them:

8248 Gurzuf - Gurzuf Town
Houston We Have A Problem - Crimean Observatory
Lift Off - Eski Kermen
Sacred Books - Temple Of Sun Sacred Place
A Place Of Quiet...  more
released March 2, 2020

W&P by Nikita Klimenko, Moscow, Russia

Except tracks:
#3 with Alex Diakov and track #7 with Ephilion.

Artwork and mastering by DJ Zen

Offered in 24bits studio master quality.


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