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The Flying Mars - Cosmochemistry (2020) [Mindspring Records] (psybient, psybass, downtempo)

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1. Vibrational Repatterning 04:40    
2. Lapislazzuli 13:16    
3. Omumborombonga 13:40    
4. The Dance of the Secret Monkey 14:51    
5. Antherium 10:47    
6. Orange Of Life 13:47    
7. Dhyana 19:03    
8. Salamandras 14:02    
9. Vibrashapes 09:24    
10. Rain 07:12    
11. Deephandsonator 05:12    
Mindspring Music Presents: The Flying Mars - Cosmochemistry [MSM086]

The Flying Mars newest album comes from a mix of emotions: places, feelings, people and sounds. All were experienced while traveling the world and gave wide inspiration for this masterpiece. Many stories are to be found inside this deeply personal body of work, where every track was composed in a different place on this Earth. Fueled by nature and equipped with a field recorder, He set out on his journey; recording every sound, Paying close attention to his surroundings while capturing the essence of the here and now.

You are invited to relive this journey and state of mind. Listen closely and you will be able to feel the exact sensations, smell the same smells, and hear the same sounds that were heard during the creative process – which is deeply rooted in the heart and soul of this unique artist.

This is the second Album of Mario Engel, from Switzerland. With his main project - “The Flying Mars”, he is always in search of new sounds, oblique sonorities, and exhilarating vibes. With constantly nurtured creativity and a refined artistic approach to sculpting sounds and arranging tracks, he invites you on a sonic journey with...  more
released March 27, 2020

Artist: The Flying Mars
Genre: Psychedelic
Hand drum on track 6: Lorenzo Nessi
Vocals on track 7: James Mariott and Alexandros Karsiotis.
Artwork: Mario Engel
Mastering: Ascended Mastering
Release Biography: Stephen Moon & Patrick Palone
Written & Produced: Mario Engel

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/the-flying-mars
Facecook: www.facebook.com/theflyingmars/

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