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E-Mantra - Silence (2020) [Melusine Records] (Psybient, Psychill)

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1. Silence 05:44    
2. Since you were gone 07:25    
3. Ecouri 06:16    
4. Departed 06:58    
5. Night Walker 06:24    
6. E-Mantra & Reasonandu - Shadow Skies 06:03    
7. Prelude 06:10    
8. Le Ciel est Triste 06:30    
9. Echoes of an empty room 09:01    
10. Touching 05:36    
11. Passing through 07:19    
12. Hymn 04:42    

After many years i decided to take my music back from the labels that previously release them.
So this month will start with my dear Album " SILENCE"
Several tracks were re-edited ..remixed ..improved sounds
Melusine Records will be the label releasing them all step by step with new covers new mastering and big news ..on CD (limited to 100 ) for each album.
Cd's will be available for purchase directly from me at [email protected]

"Silence" will contain also small changes like a bonus track that should have been on the initial version of the Album but didn't quite get a place on .
All being said ..i present you the New "SILENCE"

Music : Emanuel Carpus
Cover: Painting by Leonid Carpus , digitally edited by Melusine Crew
Mastering : Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)
released March 17, 2020

Follow E-Mantra here :
[email protected]

Thank you friends and fans .
Special thx to : Negulescu Raluca , Dumitrescu Alexandru (Reasonandu), Egor Povzner, Ensancha ElAlma Rec , Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)

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