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In honor of Psybient.org 7th birthday In partnership with artists, festivals, record labels and online communities we are hosting a – a weekly online event with the renowned masters of psy ambient and downtempo genres and worldwide psybient community and you.

This event will gather together the fans of psychedelic, ambient, psydub and chillout music in all forms and shapes and recreates a friendly and transformative psychedelic festival atmosphere online.

Our mission at psybient.org is to help artists and labels to connect with listeners, and to help listeners discover music and events. For us psybient.org is beyond music. So we encourage everyone to follow their way of heart and share love with the world.

Connect to the URL to listen music, chat with us “online” face to face ! If you make a psychedelic visionary art and want to show yourself or anything you are doing through the webcam or just chat with like minded people from around the globe then you’ll get all the tools to do that.



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This year it's 7 years ago since we started Psybient.org.
Please help us with ideas for the future and help us to evolve :)

Ideas are probably the most important thing we'd like to receive as feedback to this post. We have created a web form that allows you to help us improve the project (both the website and this forum) => https://goo.gl/OUJJTs

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