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Strawberry Eclipse, 2 part 7 hour mix journey!!

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set i did during  the full moon eclipse

Distant System - Vector Reconfiguration
Fourth Dimension - Ubique, Pt. 2
Halftribe & Spinnet - Mr & Mrs Everywhere
Naturelement - Selflessness
LAB'S CLOUD - Dancing Chaman
Sun Shield VS Th3 Fir5t Robot - Particles
Cydelix - Sylvana
Moonkin & Dense - Birds Eye View
Jedidiah - Shammash
Cerceaux & Vyasa - The Slap
Essence Project ft. Jonathan A - Jam Time
Advanced Suite - In Contemplation
Tengri & Yudhisthira - Crystal Ship
Tactyl Vs Wada - WadAttack
Strange Substance - Druids Potion
CHILOPOD - Future Archeology
Yestegan chaY - Yes
Martins Garden - Camelot
Shpongle Static - Periscopes Of Consciousness
Globular & Geoglyph - A General Benevolent Presence
Nick Holden - On Holiday By Mistake
The Flying Mars - Orange Of Life
Youth & Gaudi - Bass Weapon (Vlastur Remix ft N.Yiakoumis)
Le Comte Champêtre - Caterpillar Transmutation
Bass Medicine - SUBROOT - Tidal Change
Darklord Gob - Cortex
Mad Professor Meets Gaudi - Smoking High
Be Jam – Melanchemicals
Chris Komus - Plant Pontificate
Illusive Tuna - Bubble in Time
Tor.Ma in Dub - The Lighting (Continuum Remix)
Tea Tree - Chasm
Botanikal - Ducks & Ice Creams
nada - earthgarden (jong_remix)
Dimmat - Fairy Lullaby
Klaada - Encounters With Other Levels Of Reality
Babilu - Light Movement
DJ DRM - For Life
Bastard Jazz Recordings - Spooky Monkey - Dream Of A Place
D. Batistatos - Everything
side liner - every morning u are my faith
invisible inks - LDHB (Single Edit)
Kick_Bong - Sunrise
100th Monkey - Blessèd Love
CELL - Over the Roof (live edit)
Solar Fields - A new window (Origin 2013)
Garudo - Raat
james murray - remote

special thanks to Synphaera, Eucalyptus, Cosmic leaf, advanced suite, mindspring, dubmission (UK), Disco Gecko


part 1 here,


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