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Spinnet (One Arc Degree)

One Arc Degree - Gravity Shaped (2020) [Self Released] (downtempo, trip hop, chillout)

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Gravity Shaped is the fourth LP in One Arc Degree's expansive discography. Once again, the duo shifts away from their past attempts in music styles & subgenres, this time looking for inspiration in the cosmic dimensions of downtempo and trip hop sounds. The beats are grounded deep in the earth while the ethereal melodies point deep into space. After all, each and every structure in this universe, from the biggest black hole to the tiny human on little planet Earth, is gravity-shaped.


1. Cosmic Web 06:56

2. The Great Chain Of Being 04:42

3. Earth To Vesta 08:26

4. Love In A Dangerous Spacetime 07:55

5. A New Day In Space 05:56

6. Macrocosm Of The Ego 06:09

7. The World That Prevents Us 08:08

8. Laniakea 07:20

9. Gravity Shaped 07:02

10. Iron Rain 05:45


Arranged & Composed by Ioannis Konstantios & Vasilis Kesalidis
Mixed by Vasilis Kesalidis

Mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering

Graphic Art by Yorika Semertzis

Release Date: August 20, 2020

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