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Delightful Imperfections

Delightful Imperfections - Meditative Moments [2020] (Ambient / Psybient)

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Gentle ambient sounds, for meditation, yoga, treatments or any other situation where authentic immersion into experience is required.

1. Liquid Bloom, Allisunshine, Wei-Chi Fields & Shanti - Inner Gardens (Roots of the Earth)
2. Ryan Herr & Jesse Hendricks - Cusp
3. Giselle World - Rezo (Opening Icaro)
4. Beatfarmer - Midnight Harvest (new moon mix)
5. In The Branches - Planetary Confinement
6. Yaima - En

A little note on this mix,

I’ve decided to separate out the ambient sound journeys from my dreamtime diaries series, into their own space, as I find myself increasingly drawn towards this style of music & sound healing. For the most part, these will be deliberately shorter, with the specific intention of helping you sink deeper into the meditative space for a little while.

If you prefer the more uptempo chill then you will be pleased to hear the dreamtime diaries series will continue as normal, focusing on psybient, psychill etc. It just felt like time to give the more ambient journeys their own home.

Enjoy :)

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