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Paza Waska

Paza Waska - Karmaşa Farkındalığı (2020) [Records DK] (psybient, downtempo, experimental, psytrance)

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Artist: Paza Waska

Album: Karmaşa Farkındalığı EP


Type: Album


Style tags: Psybient / Downtempo / Experimental / Psytrance


Media type: WEB


Year: 2020

Label: Records DK


Length: 00:26:11


1. Oğlum (04:36)
2. Ölümü Beklerken (04:29)
3. Kayıtsız (02:39)
4. Kung Fu (05:20)
5. Ateş Çemberi (04:24)
6. Her Son Bir Başlangıçtır (04:44)


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I create this album in 5 months in my home studio. It spents 1 year on dusty shelves. Then i take a decision to finish it. So started to learning mix/mastering. And i learned in a half year and finish it. I was in very bad mood when i recording it. So the album includes very depressive sounds. Also a chill song in it named Kung Fu. And there is 1 Psytrance song named Ateş Çemberi. Its very good song i think but it needs a little bass boost. I did my best...

The other songs are experimental and psybient genre. Infected Mushroom's Converting Vegeterian album impressed me to do that songs. Song named Ölümü Beklerken starts with an ambience strings. As it progresses, it speeds up a bit and adds a few arpeggios and then includes a downward fall. 

I spent most of my time to the song named Kayıtsız. It has very good mixing. Its an experimental song. Has some sad and agressive vibes. A good hybrid...

Songs named Oğlum and Her Son Bir Başlangıçtır are very impressed from Infected Mushroom's Heavyweight song. If you like Heavyweight, you can be sure you will like Her Son Bir Başlangıçtır. It has the best composition in this album. Its meaning in english is "Every end is a beginning"

Thank you guys, stay with music !

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