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Out 19-11-20: VA - LogarithmiK ImpactZ [Metabolizm Recs]

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Release Date: 19-11-2020
Label: Metabolizm Records
Catalog: MR037

Metabolizm Records have been doing some extensive studies on the emergence of life in the universe,
not only our universe but the entire universe.

We noticed this in our recent studies: The polar equation of a Logarithmic Spiral is written as r=e^(a*theta),
where r is the distance from the origin, e is Euler's number (about 1.618282), and theta is the angle travelled
measured in radians (1 radian is approximately 57 degrees) ...  

The sign of a determines the direction of rotation of the spiral, this spiral equation would be found present in
the geometrical form of the galaxy, Sea shells, all living DNA constructs, etc... You can make the observations by
yourself if you are sceptic.

Logarithmik Impactz is our debut compilation with 10 of our most talented research member’s around the globe, with
sounds coming from Canada, USA, Israel, Greece, Mexico, India, Brazil and France.

Available on all digital platforms! Let's dance to the sound of magic mathematics!!!

01: ProAgressivo - Frequencias Distopicas
02: Rigel - Jack De Lusion
03: Narko - Spirals
04: Nihal - The Unfixable Thought Machine
05: Pitchriders - Cubensis On The Hills
06: Sid Jenkins - Space Of Time
07: Positive Reaction - Outer Edge Of Galaxy
08: Basaltic - Rephazed Psu
09: Shresth - Rebound Impact
10: Hatzá Ha - Mind Exploration

Beatport: Pre-order | Listen | Buy

Psyshop: Listen | Buy

Metabolizm Links & Social Media

Twitter | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Beatport


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