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Sagittarius Zen

Sagittarius Zen - 2020 As Parallel Reality

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The 2020 is ending. It was complex year for everyone, however there 
were so many stunning chillout releases! This mix guides through 
vibes released in 2020. It combines different subgenres of 
downtempo / chillout music: flowing from chillout/chillgresive 
vibes to cosmic/psybient mood.

SoundCloud link:

MixCloud link:

My favorite albums this year are:

Minddigger - World For You 
Takkra - Universal Medicine
AuroraX - Ploration (Beta)

Also great revisited album from 
Reasonandu - Imminent Satori

Opening of the year is wonderful space ambient album
Nuell Martin – Iovis

and Mindigger music which is just awesome


Yarn - Endless Green 00:00
Chronos - Inner Fire 07:01
Zero Cult - Black Forest 10:56
Reasonandu - Love Divine (Edit Version) 15:44
Minddigger - Cold Sun 20:38
AuroraX - Moon Obscure 27:09
Fluxsense - In the Pleiades 32:17
Subdream - The Delightful Nostalgia 38:34
Dhamika - Everlasting (remix) 45:48
Nuell Martin - Helium And Neon Rain 51:46
Operentzia - Melancolony 57:30
StereOMantra - Shangri-La 61:30
Ateris - Night Storm 67:04
Chillheimer & Crock - Starlight Carousel 71:43
I.M.D - Alegria 78:18


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