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Tribus Woda

Lords of Misrule - A dream (that hasn't yet started...) (2021) [Tribus Woda](Ambient, psybient, chill, downtempo)

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Artist: Lords of Misrule

Album: A dream (that hasn't yet started...)

Type: album

Style tags: Ambient, psybient, chill, downtempo

Media type: WEB

Year: 2021

Label: Tribus Woda

Catalog ID: [TW0024]

Length: 01:44:13

Official url: https://thelordsofmisrule.bandcamp.com/album/a-dream-that-hasnt-yet-started


1. Stone Circle Sunrise (Feat. Tansy Frank) 19:54
2. Mertz, Serts & Belly Aches 20:25
3. H.A.N. 21:46
4. deepDive 20:52
5. Many Roads Lead Back Home (Feat. The Lord of Fruit) 08:13
6. Sol By Night 13:03

2020 presented many challenges to everyone, for our part it meant that the Lords were not able to meet up to make music, so instead we went online and collaborated. As winter set in we felt a need to explore more contemplative music, so we hunkered down and each created our own soundscapes to soothe and nurture. So now we present a dream... two journeys that make a whole, there and back again... journeying through landscapes, abstractions and darkness, slowly and carefully bringing us back to the light.

The poem featured in "Stone Circle Sunrise" was written and performed by Tansy Frank, a talented spoken word artist from Glastonbury. We first met Tansy at Sunrise Celebration Festival and were thrilled when she agreed to write this piece for Stone Circle Sunrise. Find more on her on Facebook under Tansy Frank Poetry.

act 1 composed by John Lime
act 2 composed by Andrew Gowland


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