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Delightful Imperfections

Delightful Imperfections - Journey for the Love of It [2021] (PsyChill / Psybient)

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Welcome friends! After what feels like forever, I am super pleased to be back with a new edition of the Dreamtime Diaries series 🙂

Uplifting, feel good, psychedelic sounds, playfully woven together into this immersive chill journey, for all your chill time needs!

For the love of it 💚

Massive thanks to the all the artists for their wonderful sounds! If you like what you hear, pease take a moment to check out their other sounds.

1. Alba - Peyote
2. Circular - 3 Moons
3. Cell - Intimate Removals (live edit)
4. Sendelica & Secret Knowledge - Windmill (The Orb Chocolate Dubbed mix)
5. Tripswitch - Souvenir
6. Noahs Boat - Beginning
7. Maywa - Blue (Mose & Steffen Ki revision)
8. Lab's Cloud (feat. Monica Jordan) - Across the Universe
9. Tripswitch - Forever
10. Argus - High Above
11. Citizen X - Orgone SVH (Flexagon Rework)
12. Erothyme - Deep Field (feat. Little Star)
13. Charlie Roscoe - Show me the Stars
14. E- Mantra - Beyond the Unknown
15. Desert Dwellers - One Giant Consciousness feat Paul Stamets (Tylepathy remix)
16. Muridae - Turning Down
17. Lauge - Verbed Shower
18. Mystic Crock & Fourth Dimension - Memories
19. Noraus - Wrong Warp
20. One Arc Degree - Longer Than Forever
21. Baptiste Sejourne & Kama Lila Sol - TIden Inne
22. Man of No Ego - Self Connection
23. Indhs - Meditative

Happy Listening!

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