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Sagittarius Zen

Sagittarius Zen - Melodic PsyChill vol.6

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I've finally found time to create old-good Melodic Psychill mix,
it contains different subgenres of chillout/downtempo and of course psychill tracks.

There are both links to MixCloud and SoundCloud

Lauge - Skyer (I.M.D Remix) 00:00
Fluxsense - Oneiric Alienation 06:17
Dhamika - Sadhana 11:10
Perpetual Loop - Running on Clouds 17:17
AuroraX - Tales of the Particles (Feat. EUERPI) 21:47
Ascent & Mina - Hello Sun 26:45
Potlatch - Wonder 33:42
Garrison - Freedom 37:33
Critical Oscillator - Sun & Moon 41:03
Suduaya - The Sun in Your Heart 45:41
Hinkstep - Open Heart 51:11
Rita Raga - Fairy Forest 57:34
A Robot Comes To Her - Swarming Life 62:30
Hivetribe - Shoorshuk's Crystal 69:30
Fluxsense - Closer 75:06
Lab's Cloud - Raining Over The Sun 79:00


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