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Most enjoyed live act

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Sounds good. It's a Simon set right? I've seen a video - which I posted in the videos thread iirc - where he does different versions of Shpongle tunes, more dancy and electronic but still enjoyable and certainly creative and fresh. Xpander, would you mind reporting on this show? I'm particularly interested in what kind of set Tripswitch does these days - does he still include psychill tunes or is it all house now?


Yeah a DJ set from Simon, but then says Hullucinogen (Live) on the bill, so not sure what this means regarding this act. Only ever seen Shpongle do live performance in his Shpongletron (lol) which is obviously a special thing, but still equally as excited for his DJ performance. 


When you say 'reporting on the show?', what do you mean exactly? Do you have example of something you mean on this site? - would be happy to do so anyway ;) I am also curious about Tripswitch, I saw him do a album launch night for Vegabond and this release had everything from house, ambient and trance/techno. Probably depends on the time of the night he's billed, but judging on rest of the line-up and tempo I think he will be doing a more banging set than a psychill one.


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Saw Alwoods for the second time last weekend and, quite possibly because I went with an open mind, I enjoyed it more than the first. Some really twisted and weird tunes, some more atmospheric, I liked the majority. I am not too familiar with his output - since he is a bit more uptempo than the psychill I usually go for - but he sounded great in the live context. He presented some new tracks from his upcoming album too.


Apart from two DJs, both of whose sets I saw about 20 minutes, Alpha Tek & Nortoel played a set too, which I loved. I'll admit there were a couple of moments the thought, "Hmm, a bit generic" came to mind but it soon passed as their music washed over me in waves of aural beauty.


The best thing is that the gig came as a bonus, as I went to Athens for my (supercute) niece's second birthday. :wub:

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