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Ancient Astronaut

Ancient Astronaut - Hospital Planet (2021) [Self Released] (space ambient electronic)

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Hi everyone,
I am thrilled to share that my 3rd album 'Hospital Planet' is now finally out!  (Released as Choose-Your-Price/Donation)

Some tracks are inspired by intergalactic travels to a special place in a new galaxy.
I hope you will enjoy it as a peaceful, relaxing and uplifting journey to dream and reconnect with Love.

All proceeds from this album go to a South African NGO to help destitute children. 

Artist: Ancient Astronaut
Album: Hospital Planet
Type: album
Style tags: Ambient, Space Music, Electronic, Relaxation
Media type: Download (Bandcamp)
Year: 2021
Label:  [Self Released]
Released: October 23, 2021
Country: France
Eric Allietta
01 Hospital Planet
02 Dancing Spheres
03 Hawks on the High Way
04 Turtle Rocks
05 FTL
06 Blackberries and Butterflies
07 Tears of Love
08 Levitation
09 Hope
10 Flying Plants
11 Destiny
12 Gazing at the Stars
13 Hospital Planet - ambient version


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