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Banco De Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa 20th Anniversay EP (2015) [Disco Gecko]

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20 years ago Toby Marks AKA Banco De Gaia released one of the classic albums of modern electronica - Last Train to Lhasa - whose groove inflected, multicultural soundscapes helped to form the blueprint for much of today's global electronica.


To mark the anniversary of its release, Disco Gecko Recordings will release this June a limited edition, physical only (no downloads or streams) 4 disc box set, featuring previously unheard alternative and extended ambient mixes as well as a handful of fresh remixes by like-minded artists.


To kick-start the celebrations, Banco De Gaia asked Ukraine’s AstroPilot and Dublin’s Silinder to add some 21st Century flavour to the title track, and their remixes are included on the 'Last Train to Lhasa 20th Anniversary EP', which came out on March 30th via all mainstream download stores, streaming sites and Bandcamp.


He has also posted up a mix he did of the track for FREE DOWNLOAD:


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Interesting release. I particularly enjoyed AstroPilot's remix and the Very Extended Ambient Mix. The original is possibly my favourite Banco de Gaia tune. I wish Planet Dog had kept going, they released some real gems, both artist albums and EPs and compliations.

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