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Flying Lotus

What Equipement do you use?

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How... just how do people use rotary mixers?  


I don't DJ, but I can't even imagine doing a live set without faders.  How do you spin a rotary encoder fast enough to DJ with?  


That Condesa Lucia is maybe the sexiest mixer I've ever seen, but I'm amazed that people are making the encoder thing work in a live setting.   


in some styles of music and in some dj techniques, slow blending is used.

i have only once used rotary mixer, but i imagine that it is more adapted for this things.


personally i like fasting cuts , but i never use crossfader for this.

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In the past I have use my laptop and an APC40 controller to control Ableton Live in my DJ sets.


I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and have a newer version of Ableton installed - the upshot is that I cannot get APC40 to work with Ableton (using Isotonik template, which I love).


Anyway, I do use my iPad as a controller for Ableton at the moment at home.


If I was going to play at a festival, do you think the Laptop and iPad are an okay combo to use?  A friend suggested it wouldn't 'look as good' to a punter, but in reality the iPad works pretty good as a controller.  Not as tactile as the APC40 mind you.


Anyway, any thoughts or opinions?


I will still try to get the APC40 talking to Ableton and Isotonik again, but as a fall back, the iPad could be okay?

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