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GeOMetrae - Infinte Love (2015) [self released, I think...] (Transformational Bass Music)

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GeOMetrae is a 23 year old Nevada City, CA based producer specializing in the past, present, and future. Sounds of the past combine with future synthesis to bring the dancer into the present state of mind. OM, the sound of the universe. It is fitting that GeOMetrae's sounds also encompass the full sound spectrum universe in a way that brings the listener into fanciful bliss. Originally from Los Angeles, this tuned in crunk-ologist fell in love with bay area and festival culture as soon as he set foot in Northern California and has been waiting patiently to fully present his artistry to a crowd ready for it. 

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Another release from the states. And with so many releases from the states it has that specific bass sound mixed with eastern/indian influences.

It fits in there with Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla and so on.

Personally i love this flavor in the psybient gengre! It's a great counter weight for the sounds made by CBL, Aes Dana etc.

This release sounds fresh & rich but still keeps the depth of a good psystep/bass.

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