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How does your, or somebody elses, studio/DJ-set-up looks like (take a pic and post it and maybe explain what we see)?

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i like this post and nice pics you shared !


i guess Simon has upgardet his laptop and screen since the time of this picture :)

also i have seen nice pics of Ott studio on his fb recently

hm yes, you could be right, they look a bit outdated indeed :)

you have keen eye Gagarin!


why don't you post that foto of Ott's studio? :)

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is it a "sitting" setup?


p.s. my keen eye see some dust :)

yes well, I rearranged it a bit for the pic.

normally it's a bit more scatterd arround my livingroom: speakers in the corners, controllers on the dinnertable, laptop on another table etc...

but yeah, if i mix i sit at my dinnertable most of the time  B)


ow dammed your keen eye  :rolleyes:


when are you gonna post a pic of your set-up?  ;)

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from left to right in my Cornwall UK Studio


Novation X Station
Artutia Minibrute
Roland Gaia SH01

Mac Laptop 2.4 Ghz 8GB RAM 500 GD SSD


Software picks


Logic X - 10.2

Favourite plug ins

Arturia Prophet V
Spectrasonics Stylus / Trilogy
Various sample libraries
Tal Juno / SH101
Wolfram fx plug
ERS Dimensioner


Roland Sound Canvas
Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth

Novation SL37 Controller keyboard - intergrates really well with Logic X
Mackie 1202 VLZ Mixer
KRK Rokit 5 speakers
Midiverb 1 effects for adding reverb on the desk
M-audio Fast Track Pro soundcard

Big Speaker stands!

Beyerdynamic DT990 Open backed Headphones - Really nice


Quite a lot of these outboard synths are relatively new and haven;t been used much on my recordings so far.  The laptop is new too and has a few new software additions too.


Synths run into the desk and I use the mute function on the Mackie Mixer that also sends the otuput to an Alternative output which runs into the audio interface.  I just unassign the audio output on audio track when recording.

I think I've just about got the right balance between software and hardware now.  Definitely a bit more fun with a bit of hardware to tinkle on.



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love what you did with the walls :)

Who me?? 


Haha, I wish that was my studio!  Blackbird Studios in Nashville.  That room is probably one of the most amazing feats of diffusion ever built, and it's stunningly beautiful as a bonus.


My setup is pretty decent but it is a total mess right now... cables, instruments and eurorack modules strewn all over the place... I'll post a picture here when I get tidy  B)  

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Grouch Studio





i was wondering, how come those monitors are so low on the table ? doesn't look like a correct ear height.


He says on the Facebook page that he is planning on upgrading monitors to Event Opals and keeping the Dynaudios as a second reference.


I assume he'll get stands when he upgrades?  Having good speaker placement is really important - but if he knows his setup well and gets good mixes out of it, then who cares? 

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