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DJ plantwaves

DJ PLNTKNGDM - entheovisions mix 04 (2015) [ psytrance / psychill / tribal ]

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T R A C K L I S T (samples from Terence McKenna) 

01 Carbon Based Lifeforms - T-Rex Echoes 
02 Bassnectar Feat. Michael Kang - Dubuasca 
03 Kaya Project & Gandolfi - Kookamunga 
04 Organic Shapes - Quiet Species 
05 Mystery Of The Yeti - Part 4 A 'Welcome' To All Extra Terrestrials 
06 Vonoom Feat. Baba Gnohm - Night Driver 
07 Ott - Rogue Bagel 
08 emancipator - Rattlesnakes (saQi Remix) 
09 UCHU - Information 
10 Cell - Hawai Transit 
11 Flooting Grooves - Mystic Mountain 
12 Shpongle - Molecular Superstructure 


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