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Odiolab - Medieval (2015) [BMSS Records] (downtempo / psychedelic / chill)

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BMSS Records proudly presents Medieval, the stunning debut album of the Greek band Odiolab. A versatile excursion through sonic spaces and audible pathways, a voyage through a vast range of Up-tempo celebrations and Down-tempo meditations, grooves, rhythms and arrangements. 




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This release got first in our poll last week.

And i think i can hear why it did so good.

These guys mix up psy with ancient greek mythology, so you get a new mix of sounds, a new sound-pallet.

This releas gets you in places where you never have bin, It's a true exploration of sounds!

Personally i had to get used to it in the beginning, but when I did, I was sold :)

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   floyd 2.0 we want to thank you for your support and words!!

Your description about our album  was realy wonderful !!!


kisses and hugs from Greece




Hi guys, glad you like it & it's my pleasure to do it!

it's great music after all :)


btw: welcome to psybient.org! where glad to have you here!



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