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forum is slowly dying ... is it time ?

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it looks like forum becomes useless to be honest… is a pitty to delete it but i don’t know if there is reason to support it …

this year will be 10 years of psybient.org maybe it's time to stop forum... 

that's a bit shame as it is the only place i am aware of that is dedicated to chill that is not dependent on big corps like facebook, discord or reddit...

try to give me some reasoning to support it... it's necessary to update and renew licence soon .... 



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I gave up when I was the only one posting besides Gordon and Yuri. Still enjoy the music but I'm not into social media. Parties have significantly dried up too. I think the forum is redundant, although the main site not necessarily so. I don't think there are any thriving forums anymore.

I enjoyed the early run too.

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