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Amar Dhall - Yemaya Festival 2015 (Altar Records)

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Hi everyone,


This is my first mix posted here. I would love some feedback.






1. Balance, Gaia

2. Ajja & Cosmosis, Marimbad

3. Birds of Paradise, Wingspan

4. Koan, When Silence Is Speaking

5. Bumble, Ab'scent

6. Master Minded, Magic Touch

7. Living Light, Hidden Mission (Govind Remix)

8. Unknown Reality, Crystals

9. Ambientium, Fall [single]

10. Louis-David Roquefere, Suduaya (Jungle Heartbeat)

11. Mindex, Maritime

12. Lab's Cloud, The Kundalini Ascension

13. Dhamika, Sound Therapy

14. Birds of Paradise, Skyward Eye (Album Mix)

15. Supersillyus, Touchy Subject

16. Crystal Vibe, Shift Of The Ages [24]

17. Crystal Vibe, Ancient Technology [24]

18. Crystal Vibe, Pandora [24]

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Hi Vitruvian,


welcome to the forum !

i would like to suggest you to add tracklist to your mix. 

It is the minimum you shall do to thank producers for their time.


Thanks - track list added. I had uploaded the full track list on the Mixcloud version.


My gratitude for the producers takes the form of always purchasing the music I play - I never download them for free. But I do take your point. :-)

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