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Psytrance Vocal Fusion | Vocal Samples & Acapellas 2023

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Pack preview:

Psytrance Vocal Fusion is an electrifying collection of vocal samples specifically designed for the psytrance genre. This unique sample pack combines the captivating power of vocals with the energetic and futuristic sounds of psytrance, resulting in a fusion that adds a new dimension to your music productions.

These vocal samples are meticulously crafted to complement the driving beats and psychedelic atmospheres of psytrance music. They feature a diverse range of vocal elements, including ethereal chants, mesmerizing mantras, cosmic whispers, and powerful affirmations. Whether you're looking for mystical vocal textures to enhance the ambience or dynamic vocal hooks to add intensity to your tracks, this pack delivers a wide array of options.

With their spiritual and transcendental essence, these vocal samples serve as a powerful tool for expressing emotions, conveying messages, and connecting with the listener on a deeper level. They add an extra layer of intrigue, mystery, and human touch to your psytrance compositions, allowing you to create immersive sonic journeys that resonate with the audience.

Psytrance Vocal Fusion is a must-have resource for producers, DJs, and sound designers who want to infuse their psytrance tracks with captivating vocals. Whether you're creating mind-bending psychedelic tunes or high-energy dancefloor anthems, these vocal samples will inspire and elevate your productions, bringing a new level of dynamism and enchantment to your psytrance music.

Product Details:

• 34 Acapellas
• 05 Mantra
• 02 Psychedelic Dub
• 17 Psytrance Vocal Samples
• 24-Bit/44.1 kHz WAV

download now:

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#psytrance #progressive #vocal #psychedelic #trance #fullon #lsd #acid #mdma #progressive #dmt #ayahuasca #underground

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