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Where do you buy chill ambient downtempo CD's online ?

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i have been asked via www.psybient.org contact form where is possible to buy CD's online. Let's discuss and list here all different places where to buy CD's online and if possible compare them between :)



Personally i stopped buying CD's more then 5 years ago. I still love them, but i try not to have to many "material" things.


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I don't tend to buy CDs any longer either, due to the ever expanding number I have/had and the limited storage options for them.  I still need to downsize by a few hundred at some point, but it's hard top choose.


When I did buy more CDs, it was mainly from Saiko Sounds (RIP).  Psyshop was good as well, and relatively cheap: http://www.psyshop.com


Sometimes eBay.  Amazon was good until the postage to Australia became exhorbitant.  

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I started DJing with all those classic Techno and Trance tracks I grow up with in the 1990ies. I called it Retrogressive Sessions and bought about 300 CDs on ebay within two years.


This summer I decided to mix something new. Dub, Psydub and Dark Dubstep. For modern releases it's quite hard to find CDs, so I had to buy single tracks online.


Amazon is quite a good place with huge selection. Unfortunately, some tracks are not 320 kbps. Beatport is expensive and demands taxes, but the quality is always 320 kbps.


After I have discovered bandcamp, I virtually buy all tracks there. The quality is always perfect and €ash flows directly to the artist. :-)

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