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Rise of the Machines! Talking Hardware Synths w/ Richard Devine, Drumcell & Arturia +.

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Over the last few years, hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and effects seem to be making a comeback. 

To get some insight into this renewed movement, we speak with music producers, sound designers, instrument manufacturers and boutique retailers about the latest rise of the machines.

Over the course of the past 20 years, the computer has shaped music production more than any other technology. 

Moreover, the computer has taken the place of those devices in most cases, since software and computer emulations of instruments are much more affordable than hardware. 

Computers take up less space, are more powerful, and can house countless instruments and effects compared to a physical space. In today’s professional realm, the computer has become the center of the studio. 

So now, when music software can finally do everything that we always wanted it to do, why are so many producers gravitating to hardware?


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