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2015/07/06 - Samsara Festival - Hungary

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Official URL: http://samsarafestival.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/802853589756421/


Love, peace & unity - there chill stage is the main stage.

Worldwide psychedelic gathering of yoga-, music-, dance- and nature lovers hosting lecturers, instructors, teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches, tutors, advisers, guides, demonstrators, psychologists, doctors, healers, anatomists, gurus, shamans, curers, medicine men and therapists along with a full moon psytrance music festival. 

120 yoga workshops, seances and lectures followed by 90 music artists and DJs on Chill, Alternative and World Music stages - hidden deep into our 30 acres of private forest surrounding the fantasy village of Samsara.

On Thursday and Friday Samsara is proudly hosting Tripoteca Psychedelic Film and Art Festival featuring its 2015 line-up of short films, animations and visual trips, an exhibition of digital art and video installations - all from around the Globe and beyond space and time. 

Siófok-Töreki is located 1 hour drive from Budapest at the lake of Balaton in Hungary. Coming with train: our festival shuttle buses roll between Siófok railway station and the festival gate every hour.

Kids under 12 with parents: free. Dogs: welcome. Easy access toilets for our disabled visitors and personal assistant / one helping friend gets free ticket at the gate.

Day Zero ( Wednesday 1 July)
8PM - Koan
10PM - AstroPilot


Chill (Main) Stage

Asura (F) Kaya Project (UK) Lauge & Baba Gnohm (DK) H.U.V.A. Network (S-F) Cell (F) AES Dana (F) Entheogenic (F) Solar Fields (S) Banco de Gaia (UK) Deep in Mind (GR) Tripswitch (UK) Carbon Based Lifeforms (S) Maha Sun (CH) Koan (RUS) AstroPilot (RUS) One Arc Degree (GR) Green Beats (E) Hibernation (UK) Spinnet (GR) Seb Taylor (UK) Max Million (GR) Suduaya (F) Subheim (GR) Dhamika (S) Miktek (GR) Scann-Tec (RUS) Sundial Aeon (PL) Irina Mikhailova (USA) Flooting Grooves (CH) StereOmantra (H) Reo Matsumoto (JAP) Ancient Core (RO) Lauge (DK) Comsat (H) Hadron Orchestra (H) Yarn (H) M.E. – Modern Errors (NL) Vitrion (H) Rdei (H) Brian Grassfield (H) Zegotha (H) Aythar (H) Papa (H) Alagi (H)

Alternative Stage

Nick Brennan (UK) Gnohm (DK) Shakta (UK) Digitalis (UK) Dj Toxic (E) Hypnoxock (E) Maat (IT) Mental (IT) Monga (HU) Spiritcat (HU) Almond Lama (HU) Rootshaper (HU) Zegotha (HU) Comsat&Petar (HU) Dr. Space (HU) Hruscsov (HU) Gorgo (HU) Henzi (HU) Aurafood (HU) J.I.S (HU) Miss Cheeky (HU) Jupiter Storm / Acid Goblin live (HU/UK) Pétör vs Gézu (HU) Nasca (HU) Seldon (HU) Techmesi (HU) Subroute Roots (HU) Kezo (HU) Katsa&Shark (HU) Pollux (HU) Sundi&Tatoo (HU) Narny (H) Szamy (H) Dark Frog (H) Krammer (H) Vector Equilibrium vs Szundi Jr (H) Alexander Demagog aka Osiris (H)

Tea House Stage

opening act: Hang Massive (S+UK)

Reo Matsumuto (JAP)   Korai Öröm Acoustic Special (H)   Aurafood (chill set)   Papa (Cökxpön)   Alagi (Cökxpön)   Zalán (Délibá B)   Adam Salman (Délibá B)   Bélaműhely   Analóg (Bioritmus)   Skunk (Bioritmus)   Solid + La Fuente (HiFi Budapest)   Zotyka (Go-free)   Sanyi (Kelta karó)   Tourist (Robur / Mesék Erizónák)   Gerihigh (Smoking Heads)   Bahama Káosz (Káosz kapitány kalandjai)   Styepp (Szik+Víz)   Amir (Karaván)   Superstereo (Mana mana)   Titusz (Å‘srádiós)   Bernáthy Zsiga (live-act)   Ozon (Garázsmenet)   Isu (Minimalheadz)   Beta (Ablak-A-Dubra)   Slicz (Some beat)   Ioda (NVC)   Toma (Electrocat)   Bernáth Péter (Plug&Lay)   Garpo (Solar Noise)   Boolint feat. Gozlan Fatima   Tóth Szabi-duó (Alap)   Uzgin Ãœver   Odum (The great ring) Solomon + Krisztian Deak

Plug &PLay Stage &Screen

soon to be announced


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me!!!!   :D


Oh yes! I will definitely try to be there for your set! (as I have to travel back home already on Sunday evening...)


OMG, what a delicious line up! :)


i curse the moment i decided i wouldn't do any festivals this summer :(


That's a shame! One can always change it's mind though  ;)


My live set was just confirmed to Plug & Lay Stage on Friday from 19:30 to 21:00! That's something for me to be really excited about!  B)

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i would love to go, but i am taken that weekend and with all other festivals will be hard to fit in these one. Would be awesome to meet you :) 


p.s. i am meeting monsterhead in Ambiosonic and a part of that festival, i will be in Nowhere (Spain), Waha (Romania) , Future Nature (Croatia), Harmonic (FR) and Psy-fi (NL).

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I posted a photo album in the relevant topic (festival report links) but I can post it here as well. Overall, it was a very well organized festival, best discovery for me was the Radio Tilos stage, a small & cozy stage covered with trees on the back of a small hill. Cool during the day, warm during the night, great variation on music plus some full band live performances!



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