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Cord - Birdie EP (2015) [Addictech Records] (psy, glitch, electronica)

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Artist: Cord

Album: Birdie

Type: EP

Style tags: Electronica, Glitch hop

Media type: WEB

Year: 2015

Label: Addictech Records

Catalog ID: ADDICTECH087

Length: 00:21:47

Artist url:   http://cord-music.com



1. Birdie (05:48)

2. Seduction (04:22)

3. Wave Impact (05:42)

4. Bent Meadow (05:54)



Edited by Gagarin
i added a player so people can easily preview it from here directly

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Buy/Download Here -> add.tc/P182050

At Addictech we’ve been fans of Cord for many years, a Hungarian producer that has been delivering glitch since the turn of the century. His latest Birdie EP is an excellent execution of originality and production quality.

The title track is inspired by a traditional Hungarian folk song. The original song lends its harmonies, the vocals are transformed beyond recognition, but the track keeps its original flavor. Rolling neuro basses spiced with pads and loads of granular effects originated from the folk source; these all add to the special and colorful feeling of this spectacular track.

Seduction is a bit less melodic, but reflects a uniquely aural landscape. A nicely shuffled groove, robotic voices, exciting glitches and layers of sound tear apart the speakers with a fractal waveform.

The third track begins with a distinct atmosphere, then vocoded beats foreshadow what’s next. The drums start supported by the bassline, interweaved melodies accompany the drones, contrasting a peaceful theme during the breakdown.

The closing track is a perfect ending. Polyphonic bells, melodic reese bass and accustoming arpeggios roll with a changing pace, ensuring the listener this new EP is more than a worthy restart after Cord's few years off.

Cord on Soundcloud : goo.gl/PdSW0V

Cord on Facebook: goo.gl/Gwa4TT
Addictech Records Facebook : goo.gl/pDDHuh
Addictech Records Soundcloud : goo.gl/bnohpT
Birdie EP on Addictech.com : add.tc/P182050
Birdie EP on Itunes : goo.gl/AKC209
Birdie EP on Google Play : goo.gl/UqrtMU
Birdie EP on Beatport : goo.gl/y7uX05

Even though this release is available at over 300 outlets, we encourage you to purchase from the Addictech.com store. We are very generous to our artists, and by purchasing from this site you support them directly with no middleman!

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