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Various - SunScene Gliders (Compiled by Perpetual Loop) (2015) [Digital Duvet] - FREE (Psychill, Chillout, downtempo)

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Artist: Various
Album: SunScene Gliders
Type: Digital album
Style tags: Psychill, Chillout, Downtempo
Media type: WEB
Year: 2015
Label: Digital Records
Length: 00:56:30
1. The first time I saw you - Grebeau

2. Halflight (featuring Menio) - Zeroeye

3. Slip Away (Perpetual Loop Mix)  - Faith Delone

4. Little egos - Saffron Star

5. Somewhere else - Omniearth

6. These stars we collide - Enoch Prusak

7. Let go - Perpetual Loop

8. Pebbles -  Biosiy

9. Time to see what they can see - Menio

10. A wider angle - Enoch Prusak



SunScene Gliders delivers an excellent soundtrack to the summer. It glistens, shines, and emulates the sounds of the beach, the sea and is the ultimate chill out companion.

For this release Digital Duvet have put their trust in long-time serving chill out / Ambient /Psy chill artist - Perpetual Loop to compile a collection of tracks that personifies the ultimate chill out experience.


Available FREE or NOT from http://digitalduvet.bandcamp.com








For you audiophiles there is also Deluxe version is available for 2.50 GBP





About Digital Duvet

Digital Duvet is an open-minded label releasing good, creative electronic music. Its focus is introducing music that opens up new ways and directions by new and exciting artists that currently exist on the sonic landscape. Music is to listen too, relax too, chill out too and appreciate.


We believe some people will get music no matter what we try and do to stop them. Digital Duvet hopes that this group of people acquires the music from it's source.... us. Therefore this Compilation, in it's entirety is available to them from our website, for free. For everyone else, well, it's free, or if you want to contribute to the supporting of these artists, you decide the amount.




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