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Juno Reactor ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ [Metropolis Recs]

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‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is the newest album release from Juno Reactor, whom need no introduction at all! The very word ‘Remixed’ can indicate only one thing; rewinding back to 2013 when Juno Reactor released his 8th album ‘The Golden Sun Of The Great East’.

Fast forward to 2015, venturing into the reactor once again, coupled with an atomic selection of remixes creating an ‘audio reaction’ of musical creativity that simply pushes this album to the very brink of? Genius!!


With a strong Juno Reactor fan base already attained, ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ album will no doubt inject its self further onto trance floors as it creates a path way for established and new fans alike.

So is this just ‘another’ remix album to pacify Juno Reactors fan base? Certainly not!

‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is a strong credit to the power that Juno Rectors Ben Watkins injects into his music, even more so when there is no loss to the original material. You could simply call this a ‘musical extension’ that is built upon the solid foundation that is, ‘The Golden Sun Of The Great East’.


Extrawelts remix of ‘Final Frontier’ evokes a sensorial stimulus that really hooks you into what ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed has to offer’. Tracks such as the GMS remix of ‘Zombie’, Zeologics’ remix of ‘Tempest’ and Cylons’ remix of ‘Trans Siberian’ each penetrate into the existing power that Ben Watkins originally achieved in keeping with the Juno Reactor sound albeit optimising a refreshing vitality throughout.


In its own right ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is a heavy weight album infused with psychedelic preservation of freshness that is a musical testament to the core of Juno Reactor; its past, present and future. By no means is this just some…dare I say it ‘cheesy’ cliché rushed album to elude the hunger for another Juno Reactor album.


‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is long awaited and what you have all been waiting for, fulfilling your hunger leaving very little room for more! Enjoy!!


Remixed by:

Extrawelt (Final Frontier)
GMS (Zombie)
Bliss (Guillotine)
Ritmo (Invisible)
Zeologic (Tempest)
Cylone (Trans Siberian)
Modus (Shine)
Tortured Brain (2 Byculla)
Jitter (Playing with Fire)


Listen / Buy: Beatport                Written By: Psylicious


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