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Entheogenic – A Singularity Encoded (2015) [Universal Symbiosis Records] (psychill psybient downtempo ethnic)

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Artist: Entheogenic
Album:  A Singularity Encoded
Type: Album
Style tags: Psybient, Psydub, Psychill, Ethnic
Media type: WEB
Year: 2015
Label: Universal Symbiosis Records
Catalog ID:
01: Oak Seers (8:47)
02: Hamra-Dum (8:12)
03: Star Wisdom of Bon (8:45)
04: Asherah (10:24)
05: Veil of Isis (Lucy in Dub mix) (7:08)
06: Psychocosmic Parallelism (7:25)
07: Genuine Abstract (9:02)


A Singularity Encoded -The singularity offered by the Originator is received by two Generators, the Aeon Christos and the Aeon Sophia, who balance it between them and dance it into a particular shape. By their combined intensities, they endow the singularity with a set of inherent properties. They encode its pure potential so that its unique properties can unfold in a particular way and eventually give rise to a particular life-form: the Anthropos, the template for the human species.

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Much as I like Spontaneous Illumination, Entheogenic became an entity of its own when they toned down the Shpongle-isms and started using more of their own vocals - rather than a barrage of eastern and Arabic samples - and employing a somewhat more organic, less effect-heavy sound. I really like this and the previous album. I also think Golden Cup and Flight of the Urubus are rather underrated.

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