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If you had to choose like around 3 albums that you played and played over and over again in the psybient / psychill / downtempo realm, what would be you pick(s)?


I'd love to discover some albums that you really consider classics.



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Apart from the fact that this is a very tough question I think that albums that came in the early days of the genre got played more by people who were there at the time simply because the internet wasn't as developed and the market wasn't nearly as saturated as it's become today. I for one played Posford's downtempo albums, The Infinity Project's Mystical Experiences, Solar Field's Leaving Home, Entheogenic's Spontaneous Illumination, Phutureprimitive's Sub Conscious and Bluetech's Pima Materia/Elementary Particles because that was all I knew and I had access to in the early to mid 00s. But are they my favourites? Maybe Are You Shpongled? and Leaving Home, but not the others anymore.


I will have a think about it and try to write a more meaningful post soonish though. :P

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very difficult question, here is my first try :)


Desert Dwellers - DownTemple Dub - Flames

Androcell - Efflorescence

Bluetech - The Divine Invation

ISHQ - And Awake

Kuba - Through a Lense

Kalya Scintilla - Beginnings

Makyo - Purnima


p.s. not sure it can be called "classic" as they all are not so old, but i definitely listened them many many times on repeat and till now i enjoy to play tracks from them. 

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my top 10 ... no order, I could also list 20 albums ;)


[x] Asura - 360

[x] Kuba - Random Precision

[x] Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper

[x] Shulman - ALive
[x] H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris
[x] I Awake - THE CORE
[x] Mystical Sun - Deeperworlds

[x] Scann-Tec - Morpheus ( Live at Nuit Hypnotique #4 )

[x] Yagya - Sleepygirls

[x] Aes Dana - Pollen

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Yay new ideas!


Many of you cited Kuba that I never heard of. He's on my list now :-).


Actually, I used the word classic but maybe I shouldn't have. The idea was to make you cite albums that you really love. :-)


I'm trying to think as well, it's indeed a tough question!


Yiannis, I didn't think of the physical CD problem because I'm a much more recent listener than you are, so I've got most things in digital, even though I like to have some CDz and LPz!


Anyway thanks, your lists are wonderful sources of inspiration.

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I'll post 10 of my favourite albums with no order, except for the first one :D These are probably the albums i have listened to the most


Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?

Ott - Skylon

Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity

Androcell - Entheomythic

Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination

Hallucinogen - In Dub

Hol Baumann - Human

Krusseldorf - Fractal World

Yggdrasil - Prose Edda

Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious



This is too hard lol i left so many good records out...

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Right, here's 20 in alphabetical order:


Bluetech - The Divine Invasion

Bombay Dub Orchestra - Tales from the Grand Bazaar

Cosmic Replicant - Mission Infinity

Crystal Vibe - Change Is the Only Constant

Dhamika - Digital Human

Hallucinogen - In Dub

Ishq - Sama

Koan - Argonautica

Lab's Cloud - Imminent Awakening

Makyo - Shringara

Miktek - Elsewhere

Open Canvas - Nomadic Impressions

Padmasana self titled

Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?

Shulman - In Search of a Meaningful Moment

Solar Fields - Leaving Home

Tengri - Icaros

Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker

Yarn - Yarnia

Zero Cult - Dreams in Stereo


For today at least. :)

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If you had to choose like around 3 albums that you played and played over and over again in the psybient / psychill / downtempo realm, what would be you pick(s)?


Actually this is a very easy question, if one recalls the playing time of each album :)

So, for me:


01. Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? -- I actually rendered that cd useless... That album was an eye-openere and mind-expander!!

02. Saafi Brothers - Midnight's Children -- Deep and mysterious in a profound way

03. Solar Fields - Reflective Frequencies -- The perfect example os sci-fi emotive electronica

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Thanks for your answer Spinnet :-),


wasn't around for a while, but I'll try now. Of course, these are probably not novelties for people, but anyway!

Actually, I'm not listing albums that I have for the longest here. And apart for the first three, there's no real order.


1 - Shpongle - Nothing Lasts ... but nothing is lost (exactly like you, eye-opener, mind-expander and all that. I went to some trance festivals and all, but I was never really interested in digging for real with artists names and all before that). Thank you shpongle

2 - Globular - Self fulfilling prophecy (can't remember how many times I listened to this album)

3 - Ott - All of them. One of the albums that I can play with people who are not that much into psy and who tell me "wow, what's this music, I love it"

4 - Ethneomystica VA - I love their ambiance

5 - CBL - can't tell which one ...

6 - Mystery of the yeti and Kumba Mela Experiment

7 - Tipper - Forward espace is amazing

8 - Atrium Carceri - some albums. I really like dark ambient

9 - Bluetech - Rainforest Vibration

10 - Invisible allies - conversation with bees (brain massage :-))


Cheerios :-)

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My selection is quite classic I think :


1 - Solar Field - Blue Moon Station   (Nice sci-fi ambiance and quite cinematic)

2 - Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden   (Beautiful and dreamy with a touch of tension)

3 - [Compilation] Highway & Lanscape   (I've discover the quality chill-out with this album)

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Kuba's albums are really, really good.  Long time favourites.


I'd also add the May Y Tierra compilation that came out on the too-short-lived Zulu Lounge Records.  For me it's an absolute classic of sun-drenched beachy chillout goodness.  I've never been to Ibiza, but this is how I imagine it sounding.  I have always come back to this album over the years, as well as Kuba's.




Interchill's albums have always been good to - both Artist and Compilation albums. Future Memories is a favourite:  http://www.discogs.com/Various-Future-Memories/master/391465  Ultimax's Noir is one of my all time favourite tunes of any genre.


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These are three all time classics that made me love psybient in the first place:


Shpongle  -  Are You Shpongled ?.
Ott           -  Blumenkraft.
Shulman   -  In Search of a Meaningful Moment.


(There are some more but the original poster asked for only 3)

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i actually composed this last Sunday all morning. It is my first reply here and I recognize a lot of people's name here for a quite while and I have a lot respect so I will make my first a bit formal. :mellow:


my favorite 3 all time albums

thank you for raising such a question! Because I have been thinking of this question for such a while now, I just can't sit around but must add my little vote of favorites. My opinions are often controversial, so I would add such preface, please if you do not like my opinion, delete it, ignore it and never remember it again. Anyway, here is my 3 votes and the reasons I thought very long behind it.

No.1: Vibrasphere - Selected Downbeats Volume 1, 2006, Cloud 99 Music
         Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination 2003 C.O.R.N. Recordings

These two albums are equally No.1, I am very surprised nobody has mentioned Vibrasphere so far. They sure didn't do a lot of down-tempo, psybient, but Volume.1 is just amazingly great, each and every single track within that album is at least 4 and 5- star quality creations. And especially ice flow, and northern sunsets. And here is my controversial opinion... Music at their best format, it is not only about technical skills, it is not just about vast experience, it is not even about great rhythm, grand story, it really should have such elements to touch your soul... music to the ears is not enough at this level, it is music to nourish your heart! And that precisely is why I vote for Vibrasphere.

Vibrasphere is part of the Northern European music style, understated yet catchy beautiful music flow, a lot of people talked about Carbon Based Lifeforms, Lauge and Baba Gnohm has more or less the same style. I would detail in Northern Sunsets why Vibrasphere stands out. Vibrasphere has this very delicate and very pure uplifting energy that really touch your heart. Northern sunsets sounds more like a morning sunrise in Northern evergreen forest, I am very impressed with that piano-like high notes, (and the reason I feel more like a morning song), it is like a little fairy, imagine Disney's Tinker Bell, not flying around usual little castles, flowers, but flying around all these grand, high high treetops of the Northern-land. She dances, kisses the little green tip of snow-covered branches, all around there, air is crispy cold and crystal clean, and she just dances and hi-ing all on top of these high-above evergreen pine trees. That ambiance can really fill your heart with so very pure, very touching, very uplifting emotions.  It gives me tears and makes me realize going high is not an absolute concept, and really so far, I haven't heard any other music reaches that level of soul-highness.

Entheogenic is really on the other side of Vibrashere's pure and innocent ambientscape. If Vibrasphere's album manifests the yang energy at its best, Entheogenic manifest yin energy at its best. Every single track in Spontaneous Illumination is super abundant in its musical ingredients, very rich and super diverse, and that psychedelic trippy surprises is at every turn of the music flow. Pagan dream machine really epitomed the spirits of it all! Even its very name, says it all! It makes my heart so in awe of this nature. And for me, it really knocked my mind wide open, now I know music can be done like that, and after that, every time, I hear crow's caw-cawing, I think of pagan dream machine.

No.2: Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker 2005 LSD Liquid Sound Design
         Cell - Live At Kumharas 2007 Ultimae Records

Within all Ultimae, I like Cell's music the most, and it is because of this album. Cell's music has the usual Ultimae sound characters, but mostly on the lighter side. Even among Cell's own creations, Live at Kumharas is very unique. Hanging masses is good, then it is more or less Cell's usual style. There is something very special about Live at Kumharas. I would exclude the last track Shiny girl though to make it consistent. The soundscape is just so distinct from the very beginning, otherworldly in a very soothing yet dynamic way, a lot people like to use ethereal to comment on certain music, and I would say this album is the most clearly defined ethereality in music in general. And the children's voice in and out of the music flow... makes up the entire album's impression as well. The music feels like a child, he/she is far and you don't know girl or boy, and that is the very point. It speaks of a young child's heart and soul, the music energy is delicate, and there are dreams, but it doesn't offer Vibrasphere's that sort of clear positive energy, children doesn't understand hope or anything so crystal clear, it is like "hopefulness", that something beautiful to expect, but quite vague, misty, remote, you hear it, but not knowing where to reach it..... Ultimae artists are super good at constructing music soundscapes, but inducing that elusive emotional touch, I would say this one has done best. I rather believe Mr.Cell must had some very special moments in Kumharas to come up such an album. You can concentrate to create music, you can even have psychedelic assistance , but have something so unique and out of ordinary of even your own cirlce, it must be that sort of crop-circle moments.

Tripswitch's album is not about divine moment inspiration, it is a very solid and classic album, every single track is like well tested and well received. You can put down a lot of the compliments people speak about Ultimae here, and it is all perfectly same valid for this album. So I will not repeat. But then why Tripswitch, I like his classic yang energy and that balance of music soundscape and music meaningfulness. I am not sure if I should say this, it is just a maybe, because I see more and more people going that direction, but sometimes, it is more possible to "roll your own" when you work with a team.

No.3: Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious 2004 Waveform Records
         Spectrum Vision - Lost Space Device 2008 Sentimony Records

I am really very pleased to see Phutureprimitive mentioned many times here. He is, in someway like Tripswitch, but more so a blackhorse, he reminds me a little bit of Alanis Morrisette. Phutureprimitive's album is very compact and has a very clear defined structure, every track is a development of the whole story, and there is not a single moment to let your suspense down. Isn't that extremely hard to achieve?! It is down-tempo psybient and meanwhile it is a nonstop action-packed soundtrack! His album, as a whole, technically speaking, is even or better than some of the top 4, his minor weakness, is that elusive soul power, you are in awe of that magnificent music soundscape mansion, but not necessarily feel so close to your heart.

I am a little proud that I am the first to mention Mr.Spectrum Vision here. And I haven't heard people quote his music often enough. The materials he put into this album can make 10 fairly good quality albums. I would exclude Track.8 to make it even better and more integral as one piece. Mr.Spectrum Vision's strength and the best feature of this album is how he process the natural voice samples.... The voice samples are very exotic, and so everywhere, they are not just supporting actors, actresses in this music drama, they are the show.... and they have this very rare raw, wildness energy... I don't know if this is a good comparison, Entheogenic's music is groundbreaking in merging all natural sounds in one, Spectrum Vision is groundbreaking in make these wild voices more human-like.... And I must mention how he create and change his beats. They are very very beautifully designed, crystal clearly executed and always ever-changing! It is really a perfect combination, match up for all that ancient, raw voices. This is not just talent, it is a huge amount of meticulous labor to make this album. Thank you!

All right, I am done with my long reasoning of my 3 favorites. I can't just give a short list without my full considerations.... like you must vent out your long pent up admirations! Now, I feel much relieved, chilled out.... :)   thank you again...   :lol:

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I remember listening on repeat to The Global Psychedelic Chill Out compilations put out by Spirit Zone.


Early Asura and CBL were on repeat.


I wouldn't say they were favorites but they got me listening in the late 1990's, Chill Out Trance compilations put out by Skratch Music Publishing. Some weird psychedelic sounds.





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What about the forest! Nop! :D

Amazing suggestions all, Thx. Knew a bunch, discovered some!

Im still new to Psybient but wow, after 15 year of metal musicianship id never though id fall into this kind of music so deeply!

Heres my suggestion in no particuliar order, sorry for the long list i just want to share alot of my discoveries.

Ill add a * for my very favorites.


1) Access to arasaka - Void

2) Access to arasaka - Port

3) Atman Construct - Divided by time*

4) Carbon Based Lifeform - ALT 01

5) Connect.ohm - 9980*

6) Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness

7) Gas - Gas 0085 *

8) John Novak - Laments of a chess automaton

9) Kyoto - Scape and Sphere

10) Miktek - Elsewhere

11) Rildrim - Across the night

12) Rildrim - Ecosystem

13) Seamon - Expression of the moment

14) State Azure - Disconect*

15) State Azure - Outlines*

16) Templo - Bugs*

17) Koan - Argonautica*

18) Avilente - From Clear Spaces Within*


If anyone know similar stuff to Access to Arasaka,Beefcake, Templo.

But not much of AphexTwin. Thanks

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