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I'm pretty sure I forget a lot but anyways :)

(In no particular order)


Entheogenic ‎– Spontaneous Illumination (There digital albums should be released on physical format)

Ott - Hallucinogen ‎– In Dub (The first album of Ott, not Simon's)

Sacred Sites (The 2nd cd)

Chill Out Vol. 3 - Voyages Into Trance And Ambient (Absolutely amazing series overall)

Dirty Sounds Of Athens No:1 (Dirty and a nice surprise)

Sunkings ‎– Before We Die (Are we ever gonna see a new album?)

Electroware ‎– The City or Master Output Vol. 2 (Just for the Watching The Cycle Dance track, memories)

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Hello everybody, I'm new on psybient.org,, glad to have found it!

Here 10 of my favorites


Shpongle: Are you shpongled?

Entheogenic: Spontaneous illumination

Ott: Blumenkraft

Phutureprimitive: Subconscious

Younger Brother: A flock of bleeps

Androcell: Entheomythic

Shulman: Endless rhythm of the beatless heart

Yggdrasil: Prose Edda

Tripswitch: Circuit Breaker

Abakus: That much closer to the sun

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