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Ambient Mann Radio Q37- Summer Solstice 2015

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We who live in a human world with human ideas, human beliefs and a human perspective have a great opportunity now to experience the Divine and Divine purpose and will for our life and time through a Greater Community awareness and through a different kind of path and direction. We need this now, for our world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds.


Thnx To All Artists !


Let`s Selebrate the summer!!


01 Maha Shivarati Rudra Kala Homa

02 Kammarheit - Ruins of The Sun (Mixing The Steps Vigil | Day 7 | 2015)

03 Shaman`s Dream - Durga Shakti

04 Deep Fog - You Showed Me The Way

05 Bluetech - 667 (Kayla Scintilla Remix)

07 Puff Dragon - Skin as Soft

08 I Awake - Rebreath

09 The Unification of Wisdom

10 Supert Fata - Deep Tribal

11 Hol Baumann - Le Feu

12 Nada - Bambo Dub

13 Mungusid - Escape

14 Floating Grooves - Atrium

15 Robert Rich - Somnium part 3 (Mixing Summer Solstice Ritual by Diann L. Neu)

16 Floating Grooves - Galactic Glitch

17 Maha Shivarati Rudra Kala Homa



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