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DNBN - Psytrance For Serum | Volume 2

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Pack preview:

Psytrance music is a constantly evolving sonic journey, and for those producers eager to push the limits of creativity, having a wide selection of high-quality sounds available is essential. DNBN's second volume of sounds for Serum is a hidden gem that all Psytrance producers should definitely not miss.
This sound pack stands out for its extraordinary sonic diversity. Each preset is a small work of art that embraces the subtleties and nuances of Psytrance. From deep pulsating bass to spacey leads and eerie atmospheric effects, this volume offers a full range of sounds to shape your music in any direction you desire.

The quality of the sounds is professional grade. Each preset has been produced with the utmost care, ensuring crystal-clear clarity and extraordinary sonic power. In a genre of music such as Psytrance, where sound production is critical to capture the listener's energy and hypnosis, these sounds prove to be an invaluable investment.

Even less experienced producers will find working with this package enjoyable. Navigation and preset selection are extremely intuitive, allowing you to focus on your creativity without technical frustration. It is evident that DNBN designed these sounds with the Psytrance producer community in mind.

DNBN's second volume of sounds for Serum is a real treasure for all Psytrance producers. Its sound diversity, impeccable quality, and accessibility make it an indispensable addition to your sound collection. Don't let this hidden gem slip through your fingers. Purchase it today and get ready to take your Psytrance music to new levels of creativity and sonic power.

This unique selection of Psytrance presets is 100% royalty free and ready for immediate.

Product Details:

• 83 Total Presets
• 18 Arpeggio Presets
• 18 Sequenced Presets
• 8 Bass Presets
• 4 Pluck Presets
• 3 Fx Presets
• 32 Leads Presets

download now:

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