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DNBN - Psytrance For Serum | Volume 3

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Pack preview:

The collection's three-volume structure indicates a substantial variety of presets, giving producers a wide palette of sounds to work with. This could be particularly beneficial for artists who want to experiment with different sonic elements within the realm of Psytrance. "Psytrance For Serum" seems to be a valuable resource for Psytrance producers, providing them with a curated set of presets that can save time, inspire creativity, and enhance their music production efforts.It sounds like "Psytrance For Serum" is a collection of presets for the Xfer Serum wavetable synthesizer, specifically tailored for Psytrance music production.

The collection is created by the artist DNBN in collaboration with Speedsound Records. The presets included in the collection cover a wide range of sounds typically found in Psytrance music, including rich leads, intricate sequences, punchy basslines, colorful synths, and more.

The fact that these presets are designed for Serum suggests that they take advantage of the synth's powerful wavetable capabilities, allowing producers to craft complex and evolving sounds that are a hallmark of Psytrance music. The presets are likely crafted to capture the unique textures and tones associated with the genre.

It's also highlighted that the presets are 100% royalty-free, which means that once purchased, producers can use these presets in their own tracks without any additional licensing fees. This can be a significant advantage for producers looking to streamline their creative process without worrying about legal restrictions.

Product Details:

• 83 Presets total
• 18 Arpeggio Presets
• 18 Sequenced Presets
• 8 Bass Presets
• 4 Pluck Presets
• 3 FX Presets
• 32 Lead Presets

download now:

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