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Gagarin Project

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Gagarin Project is the international project that has evolved from the ideas of conscious living, kindness and love to other humans, our brothers and sisters. Moreover it’s activity is greatly inspired by the values and traditions of ancient civilisations, universal principles of love, natural and healthy lifestyle.


Nowadays the main artistic realization is centered around live dj mixes combining the music produced by good friends and many other interesting musicians from all over the world. With their music, Gagarin Project try to raise awareness of listeners throughout careful selection of tracks and soft introduction of voice messages recorded for that purpose. Despite a strong involvement in promotion of psychedelic downtempo music, the live sets are not limited to a certain genre, juggling between ambient, modern psychedelic bass music and trance techno grooves.


Apart from performing as the collective of artists, Gagarin Project is highly involved into developement of psybient.org project, a web media dedicated to promotion of quality downtempo / midtempo music and events.


The project headquarter is currently located in Paris. The team loves to play for people and share its passion with people, and had a chance to play at the biggest festivals all over the Europe (S.U.N. , Psy-Fi, Hadra, Nowhere and Waveform). At the same time Gagarin Project team often organises regular events in Paris based on participation and sharing.


you can read more about us here => http://www.gagarinproject.org/about/


With love,



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# Gagarin Project interview about COSMOS , MUSIC and FUTURE 


i would like to present you interview that i did recently for diyfrequency.com project. 


Keep in mind that interview was made in russian and then translated to English. Unfortunately i didn't have chance to read it carefully in English, so in case you see some ambiguities please let me know. 


russian version => http://bit.ly/gp-ru

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Interesting interview. There are no ambiguities btw, only very few minor grammar mistakes that don't impede understanding at all. I totally agree with your views on travelling, wish I had the money and time to do it more often.

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