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Gagarin Project

Questions and Answers (a place for feedback)

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welcome to psybient.org forum, we propose you to treat this place as your new home, imagine yourself in the perfect world where everybody around you are your brothers and sisters.
Explore it and share your ideas, your projects with community. This is place to help each other with advises, exchange information and share good links.
"Rules" to follow:
- please respect each other 
- try to post your messages in appropriate sub-forums, this way it will be easier for us to keep the space clean and well organised (see below)
- have fun!
- if you are label, artist and you wish to announce your new release - you should post in albums and ep's
- if you are dj and you wish to promote your new mix potion - you should post in dj mixes
- if you just made your new track and would like to ask for feedback - you should post in demo tracks
in case of doubts you can post in Discussions, we will will take care to move subject   ;)
LINK CATALOG for ARTISTS / LABELS / DJ's / WEBSITES and other comminty members:
- if you are label, artist or dj you can add your presentation in "Links and Catalog"
One of the most usefull part of this forum will be country links and discussion. We believe the more we are the more we can do, so have a look at this sub-forum, comment or create a new subject dedicated to your country. Don't be shy not to know everything, post the things you know and together we will keep things complete. Here is example that i created for France.
- announce your events or post your photo or video repors in Events
- to add your event to the psybient.org calendar please post here
- if you want promote an event that doesn't have downtempo / "chill" music do it here
- don't miss a dedicated space for reports, we have gathered a big amount of festival "after-movies" here.
Mind, Body and Soul
We started this project, because we believe that psybient downtempo music has a positive impact on human mind and it reconnects us both to ancient world of sounds and to eternal cosmic energy of the universe! We all know that good music is beneficial for body, mind and spirit! So we would like to propose you to discuss and share around this subjetc in dedicated space, you can find there discussions about meditation, yoga, interesting read about permaculture, inspiring videos and a bit of humour. discover sub-forum here.
Videos and Graphics
if you want to share videos from your live sets or for the tracks you like, visit this sub-forum.
if you are graphic artist and you wish to share your work this is the place for you too.
This is also a right place to discuss movies, anumations and VJ art.
Production, Music Making & DJing
we have also a dedicated space to all subjects related to technical aspects of music, like producing and djing. This is the place to ask for advice from your fellow producers. So don't hesitate to visit it here.
What about psytrance, techno, drum and bass ?
Surprisingly, this forum feature downtempo / midtempo music (place
in case of doubts you can post in main "discussions" forum, but we might move your topic elsewhere
What about, auto-embedding / embedded?

  • We have configured autoembeding of links to Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Youtube and Facebook album/video.

If you wish to not use autoembeding you can select a link and click the "link icon" on the toolbar. This way the url that you add to the post will not be auto-embeded.

  • To add a player for bandcamp you shall:

1. go to the album page on bandcamp 
2. share/ambeded 
3. embed this album 
4. look for worpdress code 
5. copy the number after album= 
for example if you see this code [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=33268858 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]
you shall copy only 33268858 and put it to you post. then select the number and press bc.jpg from toolbar.

How to EDIT a title of created topic 
- go to the topic
- press edit
- in edit interface press "Use full editor" (it is near "save" button)

How to put text under spoiler  
to put text inside spoiler:
- select text
- press ips_bbcode.png?t=498563f4f0c6d9464bdedf8
- select spoiler in dropdown



How to copy text from other places without 'format' (colors, fonts)

sometimes when we copy paste info from soundcloud or other sites we take with us a text formatting. that is sometimes annoying , so it is important to know how to get rid of this.
to paste text without formatting we need to press 
- ctrl + shift + v  

Stay positive and have fun in our new home!

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